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December 07 2011

Green Business: Solne Collections and Lin Merage 

Entrepreneur and environmentalist Lin Merage has directed much of her professional and personal energies toward the advancement of eco-technologies. Currently, she applies her commitment to green beliefs as the founder and CEO of Solne Collections, an online outlet that sells environmentally friendly merchandise. 

Through Solne, Lin Merage delivers to her customers an array of eco-smart products that draw upon recent developments in environmental technology. Many of Solne’s goods are made with inventive materials and nontoxic alternatives to the industrial chemicals commonly used today. Among Solne’s offerings are fruit-pigmented cosmetics, bamboo clothing, baby bottles free of Bisphenol A, and toys made with organic dyes and unprocessed woods. 

A strong supporter of green building technologies, as well, Lin Merage is expanding the Solne collection into home renovation materials that are sustainable and release no or very low levels of toxins into the home and environment. The home renovation line will include primers and paint, recycled construction materials, reclaimed lumber, flooring and carpeting, and purification systems for both air and water. Ms. Merage also supports green building through membership in the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Her staff is currently studying all of the presentations and exhibitors from the USGBC’s 2011 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, which advocates the use of biological material, such as yard clippings and solid waste, as fuel to generate energy. 

Lin Merage stays apprised of the latest advancements in green technology through events such as the West Coast Green conference. In 2011, she attended the GoingGreen conference held by the AlwaysOn Network, LLC, where she learned about a number of sustainable energy technologies. One topic at the event was biomass production, which uses biological materials such as yard clippings, livestock litter, and municipal solid waste to generate electricity and other kinds of energy. Ms. Merage also contributes to the development of sustainable chemicals as a supporter of The Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry.
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